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Automatic Pet Feeder

An automatic pet feeder is a must have for whoever is looking to keep their pet fed while they’re away. Which is a great investment if you’re going to be away for a couple of days. Because, you can be rest assured, knowing your pet is getting fed.

However, they are also useful for sharing out accurate portions to your pets on specific diets. Which allows you to be in total control of their food. As a result, they are timesaving, cost effective, and appropriate way to feed your pet. Indeed, pets are more like part of the family. Sometimes, we travel with our pets, but how do you feed them if you are gone all day at work, business or on a vacation? How’s it even possible to check in with them during the day or even talk to them?

Thus, you can do all that with the use of pet feeder, which makes it very important. However, these feeders have been around a while, but new technologies have improved functionality.

Beside, there are many options with smart pet feeders. And it is important to ask yourself, do you need one for multiple pets? What about the ability to watch video footage of your pet?

Compare Main Differences

Petsafe Smart Feeder vs HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic FeederVersus subline
Easy SetupUser Friendly
Smart Phone NotificationSend notification when food is low
Compatible with AlexaAsk Alexa to feed your pet
Blue Light LCD DisplaySimple and accurate feeding experience
Schedule MealsProgram your pet meals
1/8 cup
1/4 cup
Petsafe AppFeed your pet with petsafe app

Petsafe and Honeyguaridan automatic pet feeder, are both very easy to set up. However, setting up Petsafe feeder, it is recommended that you wash and dry the parts before assembling them.

Once the feeder is plugged in, the rest of the setup is through the smart feed app, which is available on the Apple and Google Play app store. However, the app setup is usually quick and simple. In fact, the onscreen instructions would guide you through out the process, and asked a few questions about you and your pet.

On the other hand, HoneyGuaridan smart pet feeder is elaborate built-in LCD display, which allows a simple and accurate feeding experience. However, there are 7 control buttons to control every feeding plan. So, even without reading the instructions you will be able to program and set it up.

Compare Petsafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder and HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Feeder

Specification Comparison and Reviews

You can feed your pets at a specific time and portion with this pet feeder. However, you can also program it to dispense food for up to 12 meals each day automatically. The LCD screen of this automatic pet feeder lets you view the current food level, so you can easily monitor your pet’s food level without opening the feeding door.

Having a pet is a lot of responsibility, but thanks to automatic cat feeders like the PetSafe smart pet feeder. Therefore, the food dispenser aims to take away the problem of rushing home to feed your pet on time. Also, It can solve the problem of over- or under-feeding pets, by dishing out the same amount of feed each time.

Interestingly, the app setup is very fast and simple. And, the onscreen instructions would guide you completely through the process. In fact, it connects to the Wi-Fi, and be rest assured, if you lose Wi-Fi, the feeder will continue to work on schedule, but notifications and settings won’t be available until Wi-Fi is back.

Petsafe smart pet feeder is one of the newest additions to the automatic pet feeder in the market. Therefore, It is a unique product with more than one feature available in other feeders. In addition, the product has several advanced features that make it stand out from the rest, including:

Specification Comparison :

Number Of Meals 

Petsafe pet feeder has a 1.5-gallon food capacity allows for more meals before each refill. Also, with options available for servings between 1/8 cup and 4 cups. Thus, you can program up to 12 meals to feed your pets on schedule or use the “Feed Now” option for anytime.

While, Honeyguaridan automatic pet feeder,  has the ability to fine-tune feeding sizes and dispense them up to six times per day. Producing meals in multiples of 0.28 ounces and available for servings between 1/4 cup. Thus, you can program up to 6 meals to feed your pets on schedule.

Petsafe Smart Feeder
12 meals
HoneyGuaridan Automatic Feeder
6 meals


The PetSafe Healthy Pet has the largest food storage compartment of any pet feeder on the market. We were able to feed a small cat for four months without refilling, and the airtight lid ensured that the food would remain fresh. This feeder, holds 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food and dispenses it using our uniquely designed conveyor system
While, Honeyguaridan pet feeder doses portions from 1 to 80 portions per meal, 5-10 grams for one portion. The capacity for feed is 3 kg for dry feed. And, the stainless steel food bowl holds 0.6 kg.
Petsafe Smart Feeder
HoneyGuaridan Automatic Feeder


Petsafe feeder has a smartphone-connected for 24/7 control from anywhere. Thus, the voice recorder and the speaker helps call the pets to their meal with a 10-seconds-long message . However, our user-friendly app lets you schedule meals, feed snacks, receive low food alerts and more, all from your mobile device.
While, the Honeyguaridan pet feeder, doesn’t connect to your WiFi or have any apps that can be used to monitor and control the feeder. Instead, you program the feeding settings using a small display on the feeder itself.
Petsafe Smart Feeder
HoneyGuaridan Automatic Feeder

The automatic pet feeder is smart enough, compare to the honeyguaridan A36 automatic feeder, to measure the desired portion and intelligent sufficient to store it later. However, it is an all-in-one, battery-operated automatic pet feeder and water dispenser. Thus, use dry food or kibble, wet food, or water to give your pet exactly the amount of food he needs for each meal. By portioning chunks of kibble or pouring a measured amount of water directly into the bowl.

Moreover, it’s more comfortable than honeyguaridan A36 automatic feeder and convenient too. The feeder features a large front door cover, that keeps pets from sticking their heads in. While, four finger holes make it easy to take out every last morsel of kibble.

Also, check out our in depth and data driven reviews for smart feed automatic pet feeder.


Petsafe Smart Pet Feeder and HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Feeder

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