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The Best COSORI Smart Air Fryer of 2022 Review


Buying the best COSORI Smart Air Fryer of 2022 will be your first step to a healthy lifestyle!

Whether you’re looking for the best COSORI smart air fryer or other air fryers with Wifi you’ve come to the right place. However, we want to help you find the best innovative features and price points while giving you access to some great recipes.

Indeed, the smell of fried food is almost as good as the taste. But, it can be a nightmare to prepare because you have to stand over it and turn it in manually, which isn’t exactly what you want to do all day long!

However, the intelligent air fryer with wifi connectivity can be controlled remotely by mobile phone. When the brilliant fryer receives signals from the application, it will function automatically. Furthermore, it will even tell you how to cook your food when you put the ingredients in.

Meanwhile, the intelligent fryer will automatically calculate the amount of time when the food is ready based on your settings if need be.

Indeed, the COSORI smart air fryer is the ultimate kitchen gadget that delivers restaurant-quality results in your home. Beside, you no longer need to wait in long lines at fast-food restaurants to get your hands on a hot, fresh batch of fries or chicken wings that don’t taste nearly as good as their fast-food counterparts.

Types Of COSORI Smart Air Fryer You Need To Know?

It is essential to know what type of air fryer you are purchasing. Because, there are many different types of air fryers when it comes to cooking.

Therefore, there are three types of air fryers: the central unit with heating elements, a mini oven’ type, and interior paddles. Thus, they can vary in size and shape, as well as the material they’re made of. We’ll take a look at the three main types:

1.    Main Unit With Heating Elements

Air fryers like this use the combination of circulating hot air and convection to cook food. The difference between this and a standard oven is that no oil is needed for frying. However, some of these models have an optional basket for oil-free frying, which you can use for things such as pizza.

Also, the advantage of this type is that you can place a large amount of food in it at one time. However, there isn’t much flexibility in terms of the recipes.

2.    Mini Oven’ Types

These models have an internal heating element that heats a small amount of oil, circulates the food. Hence, this type of air fryer is ideal for making popcorn or potatoes that require longer cooking times.

3.    Interior Paddles

The most common type of air fryer has an open compartment with metal paddles that move the food around while it cooks. Also, the metal allows heat to be transferred quickly to the food, and as a result, it cooks faster than in other models.

How to Choose a COSORI Smart Air Fryer?

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Smart Air Fryers is the bestselling product in the category of Air Fryer. Therefore, as a new user of this product, you may find it hard to choose a suitable one. Beside, with so many kinds of this product on the market, how do you choose the best one? Here are some tips for you:

1.    Refer to your favorite food

You can easily find out which food is your favorite and then find a Smart Air Fryer accordingly. For example, if you love fried chicken and duck breasts, you can pick up a snack fryer, which can do these two foods for you much better than other models.

2.    Consider your budget

The price varies greatly from one Smart Air Fryer to another, so it is necessary to consider your budget before deciding which one to buy. However, if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can check the features and compare prices between every model on the market.

3.    Check out reviews for COSORI Smart Air Fryer

Smart Air Fryers are introduced and produced by many companies, but not all of them are trustworthy enough. Before purchasing one, it is recommended that you check out reviews on specific products on the Internet or magazines by experts. Because, it will help you know more about the fundamental functions of each Smart Air Fryer and decide which one should be chosen.

4.    Capacity and Power of Your COSORI Smart Air Fryer

A larger capacity will allow you to cook more at once, applicable if you often entertain friends or family. It will also save you time as you won’t have to keep re-frying foods that burn before they are ready!

Therefore, a larger capacity may be necessary if you wish to cook frozen foods too or if you wish to cook for someone who has special dietary requirements like diabetes or wheat intolerance.

5.    COSORI Smart Air Fryer Programmability

Indeed, not all air fryers are programmable. So, if you want the convenience of setting your food to cook at your desired time while you’re out running errands or working, look for a programmable option, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your food while you’re gone.

6.    COSORI Smart Air Fryer Taste and Texture

Air fryers use rapid, superheated air to prepare food, similar to deep frying but less oil. Because air fryers get hot enough for caramelization and browning, they can give your favorite fried foods crispy exteriors and tender interiors. Moreover, the amount of oil that travels with your food will depend on what you’re cooking; some types of food will naturally carry more fat than others.

How Do COSORI Smart Air Fryer Work?

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Indeed, there are two main types of intelligent air fryers: standalone and connected. Both operate the same way and can be used for all your favorite fried foods (chips, fish, and meat). Therefore, they typically come with various accessories, including tongs, forks, and spatulas.

Also, smart air fryers boast many features like automatic functions, preset programs, and an electronic timer. Because, these features enable customers to cook food without watching over it all the time.

Air frying is one such method of cooking that uses heated air instead of oil. And also, the temperature required for cooking is between 120 degrees Celsius and 170 degrees Celsius, depending on the recipe you want to make.

Air frying is faster than deep frying as it doesn’t require any preheating and reduces oil usage by up to 80%, making it a healthier alternative.

Are Smart Air Fryers “Healthy?”

Without a doubt, smart air fryers have become more and more popular over the past few years. And for this reason, they allow you to cook your favorite foods more healthily, without frying or using a lot of oil.

Trying to figure out if an air fryer is healthy or not can be difficult, however, the answer depends on what you’re cooking in it. That’s because it’s essential to consider what you’re putting into your body.

However, air fryers aren’t going to help you lose weight if you’re using them to deep-fry foods that are high in fat and calories. You may not know it, but there are different kinds of fat — some are better for your body than others.

For example, saturated fats raise cholesterol levels and increase the risks of heart disease, while unsaturated fats can reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.

Whether you use an air fryer or a traditional deep fryer, it’s important to remember that most healthy diets recommend consuming as little fat as possible, especially saturated fat. Therefore, that being said, there is a time and place for indulging in less healthy snacks.

Moreover, air frying is a great alternative to deep-frying. But, the question is, what’s wrong with oil? Even the healthier oils, including olive oil and avocado oil, contain a lot of calories. So, if you’re making the switch from a deep fat fryer to one of the best air fryers, you can be sure your homemade, air fried foods will be lower in fat and calories.

Benefits of COSORI Smart Air Fryer

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Indeed, innovative air fryers are becoming more and more popular. That’s because these nifty appliances can do far more than fry your food. In fact, with a smart air fryer, you can prepare all sorts of delicious meals!

1.    Tasty Meals Don’t Have To Be Fried

Obviously, it’s true. Just because your recipe involves frying (or any other method) doesn’t mean it needs to be prepared in a traditional fryer. Instead, you can use your smart air fryer for all of your cooking needs. However, this is excellent news for those who want to eat healthily – or those who don’t have time to stand over a hot stovetop!

2.    A Variety of Ways to Cook

Therefore, don’t think that you’re limited to one way of cooking with a smart air fryer. Whether you’re preparing a main dish or dessert, there’s no reason why you can’t experiment with different foods and preparation methods.

Thus, the results are often surprising if you’re not used to using an air fryer. For example, it’s possible to make an incredible pizza without using an oven! You’ll also be able to prepare dishes that typically need breading, like fried chicken and fish fillets.

3.    Timer

Some smart air fryers feature a timer to keep your food warm until you get home from work. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where the winters are cold, as it can be challenging to find a safe place outside to leave your food while you’re out of the house during the day.

4.    Wifi Connectivity

Also, some models of air fryers are Wi-Fi-enabled, which allows you to check cooking progress from anywhere and adjust the temperature settings with the touch of a button.

5.    Recipe Guide

In addition to these included features, most smart air fryers come with an accompanying app that features a recipe guide for all kinds of fried foods, from pizza to ice cream. You can also set your custom settings for each dish when following recipes on your device or computer.

Here are the top 5 Smart Air Fryers of 2022 list below:

1.   Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

Dash deluxe fryer
(Image credit: Dash)

Introducing the Dash Deluxe electric air fryer, with it’s 700 watts, high-temperature heating element, and cool-touch exterior, But, it’s the crispiest way to enjoy your favorite fried foods. It’s also the fastest way to cook things from frozen and make restaurant-quality meals at home.

However, just add your ingredients, and the Dash Deluxe will automatically adjust the temperature and cook time to cook perfectly. The deluxe model includes an extended timer function, so you can prepare multiple items without having to keep checking on the time.

Its unique lid design provides you with extra room to cook your food without worrying about hot steamy air or oil splattering over your hands. Whether you are frying chicken, cooking fries, or cooking up a healthy stir fry, this deluxe dishwasher-safe air fryer is safe and straightforward to use.

Get crispy and healthy meals in minutes with the Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer. Perfect for busy home cooks, this countertop fryer allows you to prepare various dishes in small batches and includes adjustable temperature control.

It has a 1500-watt heating element, making it fast, energy efficient, and versatile with multiple preset temperatures. The generous basket can easily hold large amounts of food while still allowing it space to cook evenly.

Use the enclosed recipe guide to create delicious fried favorites, including chicken tenders, steak fries, french fries, and more. It has 4 compressor racks for large food capacity, and its easy-to-use digital controls allow you to adjust temperature and cooking time safely. This air fryer also includes 2 recipe books that make delicious dishes fast!


  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has a fry basket that is dishwasher safe.
  • Also have a small and compact design.
  • Available in 5 different colors.
  • The auto shut-off feature helps prevent overcooking.


  • It may not last for a longer time.


The price for the Dash Deluxe electric air fryer.

2.   COSORI Smart Air Fryer

Cosori air fryer
(Image credit: Cosori)

Welcome to the world of perfectly fried food. The secret is in CSSi intelligent air frying technology that uses rapid air circulation for perfection. With 11 preset modes, you can fry, grill, bake and roast all the perfect foods imaginable.

Whether thick or thin slices, small nuggets, or a large serving for family and friends, COSORI smart fryer can reach your needs with a powerful infrared preheating technology and an oil-level sensor.

COSORI smart air fryer is a high-tech fryer, with the ability to connect to 3G and WIFI networks, in order to control, monitor, and get real-time alerts from anywhere at any time. Therefore, COSORI Air fryer provides crispy foods without oil in a healthier way.

Fried eggs don’t look like eggs are cooked with oil; they won’t change their taste. With COSORI, you can also cook fried chicken, French fries, roast suckers, steaks, and so on.

With a built-in timer and automatic temperature control, there’s no need to stand over the kitchen counter to monitor cooking progress. COSORI works with both iOS and Android devices (via Bluetooth 4.0), which means you can remotely monitor your cooking progress without having to stay in the kitchen.

You’re able to cook from anywhere. With precision sensors, COSORI monitors temperature and duration accurately, so you always know what’s going on with your food preparation. It provides a healthier alternative to cooking with oil and is suitable for various food textures and shapes.

With a large 3.2L capacity basket that fits up to 4 serving portions depending on food type, this fryer takes up less space on the counter than other leading brands making it easy to store.

For more info about this special air fryer, you can check out ANDROID AUTHORITY.


  • Detachable and dishwasher-safe parts.
  • Offer convenient cleaning.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • The built-in warm feature allows keeping food warm.
  • A considerable versatility in just one appliance.
  • The ability to prepare a meal up to four hours ahead of time.


  • Inadequate quality controls


The price for COSORI smart air fryer.

3.   Ninja AF161 Max XL Smart Air Fryer

Ninja air fryer
(Image credit: Ninja)

For those looking for a space-saving and convenient way to cook delicious fried foods without additional fat, you’ll love the Ninja air fryer. It features an XL-sized basket that holds up to 6 chicken drumsticks or 8 slices of bread, and 6 preset settings allow fryers to take their recipes on the go–the unit is even travel-friendly, fitting into most car trunks with ease!

This cooker uses the hot air circulating at up to 400°F to fry foods like wings, chicken fingers, and onion rings with little or no oil — turning out crispy, crunchy bites that are lower in fat and calories than deep-fried fare.

Designed to cook foods up to 3X faster with 75% less oil, the AF161 Max XL allows you to cook with healthier, less-fatty oils like avocado and olive. It is both a kitchen appliance and an artisan cooking tool developed by demanding chefs and foodies.

Its advanced technology uses intelligent heating elements that deliver consistent performance at every level, so you don’t have to worry about turning it up too high. It has the versatility of an air fryer combined with the added features of a convection oven and dehydrator.

The revolutionary design allows you to enjoy all the best air and deep-frying features in a single appliance. This versatile cooker lets you fry, roast, bake, barbecue, grill, and stir-fry food. Boasting innovative technology has enabled us to produce an accessory that delivers impressive health benefits combined with incredible taste.


  • It’s relatively easy to use and maintain.
  • Has a large Cooking Capacity.
  • It is 30% faster than the AF101.
  • Reduces 75% fat.
  • Durable as it is ceramic Coated.
  • It shuts itself automatically.


  • It is Quite Heavy.


The price for Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer.

4.   Power XL Smart Air Fryer7 QT

Power XL wifi fryer
(Image credit: Power)

Introducing the Power XL air fryer7 QT. This fryer is one of a kind, and you will never have to eat frozen foods again. It’s a cooking machine used to fry, grill, and roast your favorite meals.

The Hot Max Titanium Coated stainless steel with easy-clean non-stick coating allows for even air distribution creating crispy, delicious meals every time.

The digital control panel will enable you to customize your cook time and temperature. It also comes with an extension handle making it easy to serve everything from chicken wings to donuts.

With a powerful 8000W motor and the XL 7-quart capacity, the XL air fryer is an air fryer that can prep more at one time. It is large enough to fit a whole roast chicken or a big batch of fries.

With a handy timer that counts down the cooking time for up to 60 minutes, you’re guaranteed perfectly cooked food every time. It does more, it cooks more, and it’s more fun! With a whopping 700W power output and capacity of 7 quarts, the Power XL is perfect for cooking bigger meals or when you need optimal cooking space.

The whole aluminum body (no paint), PTFE-coated basket, and tray allow foods to cook with little oil while creating that signature crispy-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside flavor. Perfect for the entertainer and more prominent families – especially those of us who can never eat all those leftovers!


  • The innovative ventilation design promotes optimal airflow.
  • Crisper trays catch crumbs for easy cleaning.
  • It comes with a built-in LED digital display.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cooking utensils come with a non-stick coating.
  • The 400 ° superhot airflow can flow into 360° foods


  • Baking tray with rusted over time.


The price for Power XL air fryer7 QT .

5.   Instant Omni plus Smart Air Fryer

Instant Omni wifi fryer
(Image credit: Instant)

Turn your favorite foods into healthy, tasty treats with the Instant Omni plus air fryer. With this multifunctional air fryer, you can prepare delicious meals with little to no oil. You can even make other foods, like cakes and pastries, complete with a non-stick cooking surface.

Welcome to the air frying revolution! Developed by a pioneer in the health and natural food industries, the Instant Omni plus air fryer takes home cooking to a whole new level.

It’s a smart, simple, user-friendly device that plugs into any power outlet for instant air frying—without replacing your current cookware. It cooks mouthwatering delicacies with very little oil and zero guilt.

When it’s ready, your food will magically produce a crisp, crunchy finish—like you just stepped out of an air fryer! With this compact Air Fryer, roast a chicken in 35 minutes. Create classic French fries, a crispy veggie burger, or even a delicious dessert.

The capacity is five-pound and can roast up to two pounds of meat. The hardest part of the cooking process involves having a robust system to cook delicious Air Fries at low temperatures for an extended period.

Instant Omni has created such a powerful system, made of Stainless Steel that can provide you with restaurant quality Air Fries for up to 11 hours on one charge.


  • 14 cooking functions in one.
  • The rotisserie cooking function can cook a 4-6 pound chicken.
  • The proven cooking mode can make baked bread, among other things.
  • The Crumb tray is conveniently hidden and pulled out.
  • Split Cook is a two-stage cooking method.
  • Option for high and low convection fan speeds


  • The interior is just deep enough to accommodate a 12-inch pizza.


The price for Instant Omni plus air fryer.

How Is COSORI Smart Air Fryer Different From Other Air Fryers?

1.    Touch Screen Display

The smart COSORI Air fryer has a large touch screen display that makes cooking more convenient and accessible. You can control the cook settings at any time during the cooking process.

2.    Smart App Control

The fried washer adopts wifi technology that allows you to monitor your food through your smartphone or tablet PC. Cooking programs are preset, but you can also create your program to suit your needs. Importantly, you can control all these functions while at work or on holiday because they’re in your hand through wifi connection.

3.    The Food Can Be Cooked With Less Oil:

Unlike regular deep-fat frying, our fryers use Rapid Air technology that produces hot air currents which surround foods, moisture evaporates quickly, and cooks foods quickly

  1. COSORI has a touch screen and voice control system, more humanized design.
  2. Also, it has a big digital display that can show you all the information clearly, such as time, temperature, power, etc.
  3. It’s preheating fast and cooking fast, with an excellent design for everyone to use it easily.
  4. The adjustable temperature control function lets you choose between the crispy and tender mode based on the dishes you want to fry.

Where To Buy Smart Air Fryer

Smart Air Fryer Price History

  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at Amazon.com.
  • At amazon.com you can purchase COSORI Smart Air Fryer Oven Combo Large 5.8 QT Cooker, Digital Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, Cookbook with 100 recipes for only $139.99
  • The lowest price of COSORI Smart Air Fryer Oven Combo Large 5.8 QT Cooker, Digital Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, Cookbook with 100 recipes was obtained on February 24, 2024 12:59 am.


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Our Score for Smart Air Fryer

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The Best COSORI Smart wifi Air Fryer Of 2022

Welcome to the world of perfectly fried food. The secret is in CSSi intelligent air frying technology that uses rapid air circulation for perfection. With 11 preset modes, you can fry, grill, bake and roast all the perfect foods imaginable. Whether thick or thin slices, small nuggets, or a large serving for family and friends, COSORI smart fryer can reach your needs with a powerful infrared preheating technology and an oil-level sensor.

Touch Screen Display
Smart App Control
The Food Can Be Cooked With Less Oil
Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Detachable and dishwasher-safe parts.
  • Offer convenient cleaning.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • The built-in warm feature allows keeping food warm.
  • A considerable versatility in just one appliance.
  • The ability to prepare a meal up to four hours ahead of time.
  • Inadequate quality controls
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The Verdict:

We hope this post has assisted you in selecting your best air fryer. Air fryers are no longer just a kitchen extravagance — they are a household essential, making them worthy of investment. The COSORI smart air fryer is one of the best in the market because it performs well and has several additional features. It’s the perfect air fryer for those who love cooking at home or want the convenience of taking it along while traveling.

COSORI smart air fryer’s cooker is made with 6 x 1800W heating power. The circulating hot air will automatically stir the food, ensuring all parts of the food have equal cooking time. The 3D heating mesh design comes with a triple mesh layer, giving out a concentrated hot airflow and ensuring that foods are cooked evenly.

Check out the comprehensive comparison between Cosori air fryer and Instant Omni plus air fryer .

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