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Best Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder of 2022 Review


Getting one of the best Petsafe automatic pet feeder of 2022 will relieve your stress when you have to leave those cut fur-buddies behind.

Have you ever found yourself away from home and in a hurry to get somewhere while leaving your pets behind? It can be frustrating to come back to your cat or dog with “the look” on their face because they haven’t been fed. We spent a lot of time researching and reading numerous smart feed automatic pet feeder articles before writing up the best Petsafe automatic pet feeder of 2022 review

It takes a lot of time to make sure your cat or dog gets the food it needs daily. They’re either waiting at their bowl by meal time or making their way to the kitchen.

Thankfully we have smart pet feeders for this very reason, and now you can find out which of it features a smart chip that allows you to feed your pets on a schedule that you set automatically. Plus, you can always check in on the feeder to keep an eye on your pet’s eating habits.

Benefits of Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder

(Video credit: Petsafe)

An automatic pet feeder comes in handy when you need to travel or work late. Whether you have a dog, cat, or bird, an automatic pet feeder can make life easier. However, there are many benefits to owning an automatic pet feeder, including:

1.    Meal Preparation

You will no longer need to prepare meals for your pet before you leave for the day. Just fill the reservoir with dry food and turn the feeder on before you head out. And your pet will be fed on a schedule that you determine.

2.    Convenience

Your new Petsafe automatic pet feeder will make your life easier by doing all of the work for you. Moreover, it will provide your pet with plenty of freshwaters while you are away at work or play. Thus, this is an excellent feature if you tend to forget to fill up the water bowl before leaving in the morning.

3.    Automatic Pet Feeder Food and Water Refill

The Cat Genie’s patented system combines a food bowl that rotates with a water dish that moves up and down to provide 360 degrees of complete pet feeding. This provides two things for your pet: continuous fresh food and water, as well as minimal contact with germs and bacteria from the floor.

4.    Built-in Sanitizing Pet Feeder System

Designed with an included self-cleaning system, the Cat Genie constantly cleans itself using UV-light technology, keeping bacteria at bay for a healthier living environment for your pets.

5.    Automatic Pet Feeder Cleaning Cycle

The Cat Genie uses a single-pass cleaning process that sprays only enough water onto any surface to clean it thoroughly, cutting back on wasted water usage over traditional cleaning methods.

6.    Automatic Pet Feeder Litter Disposal

This system adds litter to the waste bowl while collecting waste in an internal receptacle. However, after the debris has filled up to an appropriate level, it will automatically dispose of it in.

For more pet feeder benefits, you can check out Petsafe.

Are Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeders Good for Dogs?

Trying to get your dog to eat a healthy diet is not an easy task. That’s why many owners resort to automatic feeders. The question is, are they perfect for dogs? Automated feeders can benefit the health of your pet.

Automatic feeders are a great way to help you and your dog be healthier. However, automated feeders can help with weight problems by allowing you to regulate how much your dog eats at one time. You can also use them if you’re away from home for long periods.

These devices also help you monitor your dog’s food intake, which is helpful if he has medical problems or allergies that affect his diet.

Furthermore, details on how to control your dog that eats too fast, you can check out Petsafe article which is indeed very helpful.

Are Automatic Dog Feeders Bad?

That depends on the dog, according to the dog trainer. They’re great for older dogs with arthritis or any other condition that keeps them from being able to get up out of a lying position and make it to the bowl. But they’re not necessarily suitable for young dogs, she adds.

Thus, toys and treats dispensed by the best petsafe automatic pet feeder can be great fun and entertainment for a bored puppy, but they may give your dog the idea he should be entertained while he eats.

If your pup gets the idea that he should be playing when he’s eating, he’ll be more likely to disrupt good manners at the table and beg for your attention while you’re trying to eat as well. “If you have a young puppy who is food-obsessed, it should not be in a situation where he’s rewarded for jumping up on people.

Using an automatic pet feeder successfully means training your dog to stay off counters or tables where food is served and preventing him from getting into trash cans where garbage bags may contain something edible — such as a recently expired treat or half-eaten scraps of food.

Which Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder should I choose: Indoor or Outdoor?

Trying to figure out whether you need an indoor or outdoor pet feeder can be a bit confusing if you’re not sure what your needs are. It’s important to know that the type of pet food you buy will also factor into your decision.

 If you have a giant dog and need something to hold multiple feeding stations for when you’re away, then an indoor feeder might be the best for your pet.

If you have smaller dogs that eat one cup of food per meal and only need something to hold their kibble inside the house, consider getting an indoor-only feeder that won’t take up too much space on your countertop.

Indoor pet feeders are going to come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they’ll run the gamut from simple bowls to more expensive models with separate compartments for wet and dry food, timers, and more.

The New York Times, Wirecutter shared more helpful details on the type of pet feeder to get.

Why Wouldn’t I Use a Gravity Pet Feeder?

Gravity feeder for pet
(Image credit: Petsafe)

A gravity feeder is a large hopper with a lid. Thus, feed is placed in the hopper, and gravity keeps the food from spilling out. However, gravity feeders are best suited for dogs with self-restraint, but this type of feeder can also encourage gorging.

Furthermore, gravity feeders are convenient because you can fill them before your pet comes to eat. And also, you can add treats or supplements and avoid worrying about them falling out of the food bowl.

In addition, gravity feeders also keep pet food free of airborne particles and bugs that contaminate the food. However, gravity feeders are a good choice if your dog eats too fast or gorges on her food.

Can Multiple Cats Share the Same Automatic Pet Feeder?

feeder splitter for pet
(Image credit: Petsafe)

If you have more than one cat, you may be looking for a multicat feeder. The question is, can multiple cats share the same feeder?

When it comes to multicat feeders, they break down into two main categories:

  1. Feeders with multiple feeding stations and compartments. Thus, these feeders allow you to feed as many cats as you like. It would help fill each chamber every time you wanted to provide your cats.
  2. Feeders that hold a large volume of food. Indeed, these feeders allow you to fill the entire bowl at once, so if you have multiple cats, each one can eat out of the same bowl simultaneously.

Here are some tips for getting the job done safely and successfully.

1)    Treats

If you have more than one cat, you can use their feeder as a way to reward them with their favorite treats, such as freeze-dried meat or fish treats. And also, make sure that you place these treats in the back of the feeder, then use the front area to fill up with food.

However, cats don’t like going deep into their food bowls, so they’ll only eat what’s at the front of their bowl. And if you place your treats in the back and fill up the show with food, your cats will enjoy some tasty rewards without overindulging.

2)    Water bottle

You can also share a water bottle with multiple cats. Many pet supply retailers carry two-tiered pet water bottles that will allow two cats to drink from them simultaneously. However, if you’ve adopted cats that were used to living alone and are now living in a home with other pets, make sure to supervise closely when they’re drinking from this type of automatic pet feeder.

How Much Food Can A Petsafe Automatic Cat Feeder Hold?

Dimension and capacity feeder for pet
(Image credit: Petsafe)

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about best petsafe automatic pet feeders.

A typical automatic pet feeder holds 1-4 days of food, depending on the size of the feeder and the amount of food the pet eats each day. In some cases, if your cat eats less than a cup per day, you can be able to get by with a smaller feeder.

If you have more than one cat, you will need a larger capacity automatic pet feeder. Look for an automatic pet feeder that holds at least a few days’ worths of food for multiple cats.

Since there are many different types and sizes of automatic cat feeders, it’s impossible to tell how much food they will hold without knowing their dimensions and features. However, in general, the larger an automatic cat feeder is, the more it will have.

When purchasing an automatic pet feeder, one thing to keep in mind is that the capacity refers to how much dry food it will hold. If you want to use this type of device to dispense wet food or treats as well, be sure that your automatic pet feeder can have them as well!

Here’s more information about the intelligent feeder and why it might be right for you and your pet. Many pet owners prefer to buy automatic pet feeders. That is why we decided to review the 5 best petsafe automatic pet feeders for cats and dogs.

1.   EZMioo Automatic Cat Feeder

EZMioo feeder for cat and dog
(Image credit: EZMioo)

Never have to remember to feed your cat again. The EZMioo Automatic Cat Feeder is easy to use and can hold up to 4 meals. It is the best cat feeding system that gives you more time to take a break and enjoy your life.

However, you can choose a mealtime, and set how many times your cat will be fed daily. Then, your program is automatically saved when you turn off the unit. As a result, it automatically feed your cat(s) at a specified time each day for an unlimited number of days, giving you the freedom to travel safely.

At the same time, take pictures and record videos of your kitty eating via your smartphone. Don’t worry about the feeding schedule when you are gone. And if you’re worried about power outages, don’t! The EZMioo has a built-in battery that would allow it to run for 8 hours off of a single charge.

Perfect for even apartments with small kitchens or offices! Great for the holidays or travel as well. It is a cat feeder designed to make the life of cat owners easier; with its push-button feature and automatic dispensing system, it makes the feeding of one to three cats simultaneously a stress-free and accurate process.

EZMioo’s patented technology allows for unmatched accuracy in time and portion delivery for your beloved feline companion. ​ It features a 600 ml food container and can store up to 6 cups of food. And with a fully-sealed lid, it’s leak-resistant and won’t spill unless you want it to!

The automatic-timer allows you to set meal times and portions, while the wireless LCD screen will enable you to choose between 12 hours and 24-hour mode. Its easy-to-clean stainless steel construction makes it durable and robust.


  • Convenient to use!
  • No more frustrating morning wake-up with meows.
  • Helpful if you have long workday trips.
  • Manage differing dietary needs in a multicat household.
  • Economical.


  • Require frequent monitoring and cleaning.


The price for EZMioo Automatic Cat Feeder.

2.   Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder

Petsafe feeder for cat and dog
(Image credit: Petsafe)

The Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder lets you remotely control and monitor your cat or dog’s food, beverages, and exercise, all from a single device. It includes seven programmed feedings with a 16-hour duration each.

It also has a water dish with an easy, removable lid for quick refills. The feeder works in conjunction with the free PetSafe weight management app and the free PetSafe SmartZone web portal, where you can track your pet’s activities, manage time zones, receive notices for scheduled feedings, view your pet’s profile, and more.

The automatic pet feeder is smart enough to measure the desired portion and intelligent sufficient to store it later. It is an all-in-one, battery-operated automatic pet feeder and water dispenser. Use dry food or kibble, wet food, or water to give your pet exactly the amount of food he needs for each meal by portioning chunks of kibble or pouring a measured amount of water directly into the bowl.

It’s comfortable and convenient, too! The feeder features a large front door cover that keeps pets from sticking their heads in, while four finger holes make it easy to take out every last morsel of kibble.

A removable storage bin holds up to five cups of dry food and locks securely in place when removed. With no electronics, a low voltage motor, and safe magnetic door latches, this unit provides a reliable solution that can be used with most dry foods or liquids.


  • It was no biggie to set up.      
  • Two-bowl arrangement for two stingy cats or dogs. 
  • Best for cats and dogs.           
  • Pet-Proof Dispenser.
  • It can be plugged.


  • It has a bit of a noise when it’s dispensing the food.


The price for Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder.

3.   WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

Wopet feeder for cat and dog
(Image credit: Wopet)

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder is an electronic pet feeder that can manage your pet food supply while working, traveling, or on vacation. The automatic smart feeder can help manage your family pet and help keep them in good shape with fresh and healthy food and avoid crowded dog bowls.

It can hold up to 10/ 5kg of pet food in a transparent sealed container. It seems like many families have dogs in one form or another. Most people will tell you it’s one of the biggest joys in life to have a dog, but the problem for many families is that their busy schedules can make it difficult to feed their pets.

Your active pet needs a lot of food and water throughout the day, but it’s not always easy to be there to fill the bowl for them. It makes sure Fido or Whiskers never run out of their meal. Also, it provides food (dry dog or cat food pellets or kibble) or water, at scheduled times, without the need for human intervention.

This intelligent feeder runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) and can be programmed in multi-week cycles with up to 2 different time slots each day (e.g., morning and evening). It drastically reduces the feeding work and makes it convenient.

It allows you to set a timer to let the food know when your pet should be eating. This excellent pet feeder can solve this problem; schedule your pet to eat at a time when you are never home and forget about him eating too much or not enough.


  • Time, meals, and portions can be easily set.
  • It comes with an intuitive interface.
  • Durable 3 pieces D batteries offer long-lasting run time.
  • Simple design.
  • Easy and convenient to use.


  • Offers ordinary connectivity


The price for WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder.

4.   HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Pet Feeder

HoneyGuaridan pet feeder
(Image credit: HoneyGuaridan)

HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Feeder is a great feeder for the price. The hopper holds about 30 lbs of your favorite seeds, and the feeder will dispense them throughout the day. Thus, this unit comes with an Easy Set option that you can use to program when the feeder feeds your critters.

Also, convenient ramps help the food glide into place, and birds/squirrels can’t climb up on it. It uses a reliable automatic timer and a patented, gravity-activated slide so that you never have to fill the tray.

The self-dispensing bowl feature enables your pet to eat on their schedule and at their own pace, while its double locking lid keeps unwanted hands out and makes it easy for you to fill with food.

The quality of a HoneyGuaridan brand product provides you peace of mind as your pet continues to eat at the correct time and never goes over its portion. It is a highly advanced and intelligent automatic fish feeder that solves the problem of forgetting to feed your fish.

Now, you can set up an automatic feeding schedule for your fish just by inputting the time and amount you want to feed them every day. You can also manually feed your fish when you are free from work or on holiday.

It takes only a little effort to fill four 4 oz cups with enough syrup to feed your bees for a few days. We have a unique design that is more convenient than any other one.


  • The current structure looks great in any place.
  • Simple to set up and easy to program.
  • You can sustain your feline up to 6 dinners.
  • Disassemble and simple to clean
  • Felines can’t arrive at nourishment with their paws


  • Little noisy when the food falls


The price for HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Feeder.

5.   BELOPEZZ Smart Pet Automatic Feeder

Belopezz feeder for cat and dog
(Image credit: Belopezz)

It’s tough to juggle your busy schedule and make sure your dog or cat eats his meals on time throughout the day. All you need is an intelligent way to make sure he gets fed without disrupting your busy day. BELOPEZZ Smart Pet Automatic Feeder can help!

This pet feeder ensures that you won’t find yourself late for work because your hungry pup can’t wait for his food, as it allows you to set a timer up to 4 times daily to deliver up to 4 meals per day. The adjustable portion control will enable you to feed your precise pet amounts of food each meal, keeping them at the perfect weight.

This smartphone-controlled feeder has advanced feeding technology that allows you to remotely program feeding and modify feeding time and duration. It sends a notification to your smartphone when it needs refilling, so there’s no need to worry about forgotten meal times.

Designed for dogs and cats of all sizes, this smart feeder allows you to create customized feeding schedules that are tailored to your pet’s lifestyle. Plugin the feeder, set the times, and watch as your pet eats when they are supposed to.

Control everything from a smartphone app! The sleek design of this intelligent feeder fits perfectly on a table or countertop. The pet feeder comes with a removable bowl, can put 1.2kg food, and dispenses at most 85g of food each mealtime.

It has an LCD screen for timing, an adjustable timer, and three meals per day setting are all flexible. This feeder places great emphasis on the health management of your lovely pet.


  • Easy setup and user-friendly.
  • It can be plugged.      
  • It’s great even for an older person.
  • It’s a pollution-free feeder.    
  • High-quality ABS housing.   


  • Don’t have any cons.


The price for the BELOPEZZ Smart Pet Automatic Feeder.

How Is Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder Different From Other Pet Feeders?

You can feed your pets at a specific time and portion with this pet feeder. You can also program it to dispense food for up to 12 meals each day automatically. The LCD screen of this automatic pet feeder lets you view the current food level, so you can easily monitor your pet’s food level without opening the feeding door.

Petsafe bright feed automatic pet feeder is one of the newest additions to the automatic pet feeders in the market. It is a unique product with more than one feature available in other feeders. The product has several advanced features that make it stand out from the rest, including:

1.      Simple Programming

The feeder can be programmed with a single touch. You can select the portions, time, and frequency of your choice.

2.      Feeding Flexibility

The Petsafe Smart Feed and Automatic Pet Feeder have a large capacity tray that allows you to add as much food as you want to feed your pets. The user can also adjust the portions based on their pets’ needs.

3.      Proportionate Feeding

It allows you to feed your pets small or large portions depending on their daily calorie consumption requirements.

4.      Food Always Stays Fresh

The smart pet feeder always keeps the food fresh and dry using its food storage system.

5.      Secure Lid

The lid of this intelligent pet feeder is equipped with an anti-spill feature that prevents any spillage due to sudden movements by your pet.

6.      Waterproof and Dustproof

This means that it can be used both indoors and outdoors without worrying about damage and water damage. Most automatic feeders have this feature, but many do not have it and are prone to damage when exposed to rain, dust, and other external factors.

7.      Voice Activation Command Recognition Technology

Pet voice activation command
(Image credit: Petsafe)

It also has voice activation and recognition technology, making it possible to program it even if you are not home. The voice recognition technology allows you to

Where To Buy Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder

Price History Automatic Pet Feeder

  • This product is available at Amazon.com, Overstock.com, Bol.
  • At amazon.com you can purchase PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder for Cat and Dogs, Wi-Fi Enabled for iPhone and Android devices (Compatible with Alexa), Portion Control and Programmable Timer for up to 12 Meals per Day for only $124.95 , which is 28% less than the cost in Bol (€172.99).
  • The lowest price of PetSafe® Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder - Met Wifi & APP bediening was obtained on February 24, 2024 12:53 am.

Price history for PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder for Cat and Dogs, Wi-Fi Enabled for iPhone and Android devices (Compatible with Alexa), Portion Control and Programmable Timer for up to 12 Meals per Day
Latest updates:
  • $124.95 - November 21, 2023
  • $129.95 - November 17, 2023
  • $124.95 - November 8, 2023
  • $129.95 - August 1, 2023
Since: August 1, 2023
  • Highest Price: $129.95 - August 1, 2023
  • Lowest Price: $124.95 - November 8, 2023

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Our Score For Pet Feeder

9 Total Score
Best petsafe automatic pet feeder of 2022

The Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder lets you remotely control and monitor your cat or dog's food, beverages, and exercise, all from a single device. It includes seven programmed feedings with a 16-hour duration each. It also has a water dish with an easy, removable lid for quick refills. The feeder works in conjunction with the free PetSafe weight management app and the free PetSafe SmartZone web portal, where you can track your pet's activities, manage time zones, receive notices for scheduled feedings, view your pet's profile, and more.

Voice Activation Command Recognition
  • It was no biggie to set up.
  • Two-bowl arrangement for two stingy cats or dogs.
  • Best for cats and dogs.
  • Pet-Proof Dispenser.
  • It can be plugged.
  • It has a bit of a noise when it's dispensing the food.
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Final Verdict For Petsafe Automatic Pet Feeder:

Many automatic pet feeders do the same thing, and there’s a lot of overlap in design and functionality. For anyone out there who’s interested in an automatic pet feeder and wants a quality, budget-friendly option, the petsafe bright feed automatic pet feeder is the way to go.

You can’t lose with this one! The best thing about it is that it’s so flexible and convenient – next time you’re stuck at work or taking care of other household tasks, don’t worry about missing another feeding around the house because your cat’s bowl will be refilled automatically.

Also check out our comparison between our first two choices which are petsafe automatic pet feeder and honeyguaridan A36 automatic feeder and explore other wifi products.

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